Adapting FTR

to the concert hall

To bring the cinematic, immersive theater of BAZ to the concert hall for STAR-CROSSED SYMPHONY we will take inspiration from the best staged concerts of recent memory.  Above is our immersive BAZ in Vegas and our live cinema reimagining of Love Actually. Both productions featured visible orchestras which were included in the action and architecture of the show, and both used video design in novel ways.


Below is NY Philharmonic's staged concert of Sweeney ToddThough NY Phil's production has a simplified video projection surface and a more contained staging area, the environment is alive - theatrically dynamic without distracting from the concert's focus on the music. The unique arrangement of the orchestra in Sweeney Todd, with singers able to move through the musicians, creates movement similar to the way our performers would move through the audience on the extended runways in BAZ

Shane Scheel

Executive Producer / FTR Founder



Scenic Design

Mike Berger

Lighting Design

Ben Soldate

Sound Design

Perry Freeze

Video Design

Steve Mazurek

Costume Design

Sumié Maeda

Associate Director

Jesse Vargas

Music Supervisor / Arrangements

Nick Florez

& rj Durell


Adapted & Directed by

Anderson Davis